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Distinguished Guests from Shu-Te University Paid a Visit to Our College

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On the afternoon of April 11th, 2016, Mr. Hong Chunqi, Assistant Vice-President of Shu-Te University and Li Xinyan, Beijing Counselor of Shu-Te paid a visit to our college. Yang Ling, Vice-President of our college, accompanied by Qu Weibiao (Director of students affairs), Song Kaixu (Dean of Internet of Things Department), Wen Yinglan (Deputy director of Tourism Department), Dong Pinghui (Deputy Director of Studies), Huang Qing (Deputy Director of Recruitment and Employment Office), Long Xianlan (Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office) and Miss. Wang Huimin, had a meeting with our distinguished guests.

Yang Ling gave distinguished guests a warm welcome and introduced the history of our college and great results of bilateral coopetation briefly. And Mr. Hong Chunqi shared Shu-Te’s educational philosophy, majors, talent-development and current situation where students from the mainland study and live. Both sides had a further negotiation on exchange students, bilateral teachers’ visits, education cooperation, and agreed to strengthen communication, enhance mutual understanding and broaden fields of cooperation gradually.

Mr. Hong Chunqi and his party visited the campus, hardware and software supports and training base after the meeting.


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