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10th Spoken English Contest for Vocational College Students Held Successfully

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On the afternoon of March 10th, 2016, the 10th Spoken English Contest for Vocational College Students was held in the lecture hall with the purposes of promoting the cultivation of students’ abilities to use English, improving students’ abilities to express in English orally and inspiring students’ enthusiasm to learn English.

There were 33 contestants having taken part in this contest, which invited distinguished judges: Miss Tang Hong, Miss. Tang Ziting, Miss. Wei Juan, Miss. Luo Xiaoqiong, Miss. Wu Mengwei and Miss. Yang Jing from the English Staff Room and foreign teacher Kang Liang.

The brilliant contest was characterised by fierce competitions in which all the contestants tried their best to find their own groove. Zhou Xuanxuan from Class 4 of Stomatology Major of 2015 won the First Prize. Zheng Yan from Class 10 of Nursing Major of 2014, Zhao Yiyi from Class 14 of Nursing Major of 2015, and Song Xiaotong from Class 14 of Nursing Major of 2014 won the Second Prize. Long Yu from Class 3 of Clinical Medical Major of 2015, Tang Xinshu from Class 2 of Rehabilitation Major of 2015, Wu Meiling from Class 13 of Nursing Major of 2015, Yang Wenxiang from Class 9 of Nursing Major of 2014 and Li Fengyu from Class 2 of Midwifery Major of 2015 were awarded the Third Prize.

After the contest, all the awarded students said that they had learnt a lot from this contest, which helped to broaden their horizons and provided a great opportunity to improve their ablities to use English orally in vocational status.


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