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Excellent Performances of Contestants from Our College in the 3rd Lianmeng Cup Contest of College English Writing

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Under the strong support of Guizhou College English Teaching and Research Association and www.pigai.rog, the 3rd Lianmeng Cup Contest of College English Writing was held in Guizhou Medcial University on the afternoon of June 2nd, 2016 with several goals: to inspire college students’ interest to learn English, to improve college students’ ablities to use English, to show contestants’ individual character styles, to promote the reform of college English teaching, to cultivate and select excellent English writing talents.

The representative team of our college took part in this contest accompanied by Miss. Yang Jing from English Staff Room. Our representatives did excellect performances in Group of Higher Vocational College of the Contest in spite of fierce competitions. Han Xinxia from Class 2 of Pharmacy Major of 2015 won the First Prize and Yuan Min from Class 13 of Nursing Major of 2015 was awarded the Third Prize. Also, our college won the Award of Excellent Organization.


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