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Medical Students’ Association of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic Conducted a Hypertension Propaganda and Education Activity in Kaili

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    On the Morning of April 15th, the medical students’ association of our college conduct a hypertension propaganda and education activity in Kaili. During the activity, the association members measured community residents high blood pressure, gave them some tips about recovery massage and asked them about their lifestyle, such as diet, exercise frequency, sleep quality and past medical history. Based on their answers, members gave them residents basic healthy suggestions and complete the questionnaire research.

    According to the research, most of the residents lack of nursing knowledge about hypertension, which leads to the increasing of hypertension morbidity. Members believe that it could lower the incidence of hypertension complications through correct guidance. This activity is not only good for Kaili residents but also good for all the medical students in our college. It offers them chance to learn more from each other and push them work harder in scientific effort.


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