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Liu Weisi, Teacher of Our College, Was Elected to a Provincial Cage Football Player

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Liu Weisi, teacher from common education department of our college, was elected to be a provincial cage football player. He will participate in cage football preliminary of China National Games as a member of Guizhou provincial football team.

Recently, the Sports Bureau of Qiandongnan received a notification from the Sports Bureau of  Guizhou. Liu Weisi was called up to be a provincial cage football player of Guizhou. Since our college was set up, he is the first teacher who was selected to take part in China National Games to present Guizhou. Not only does this show the progress of physical education of Qiandongnan National Polytechnic, but also it is a representative achievement of vocational education in physical education and sports. Let us look forward to the good results taken by Liu Weisi.

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