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Our College Started Spring Festival Care Activities of 2018

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   On the verge of Spring Festival, from February 5th to 12th, under the lead of the major current administrators, such as Zhang Enlian, Chen Wenxiang, Wang Guisheng, Cao Qingxu, Yang Lin, Luo Chunhan and Wu Wenyong, officers of related departments in our college started a series of care activities towards some experts and the retired staffs, who received money and letter of gratitude from college.

      During the activities, the current administrators thanked for what those experts had done for the college and society, especially their achievement in academic research and the development of college. Then, the current administrators cared about the retired staffs’ health and life, introducing what we have accomplished in 2018, such as the development of subject construction, personnel training, teaching construction and innovation in academic research. Since Spring Festival is coming, the current administrators expressed their best wishes to the retired. Wish them happy and long-lived. In the end, filled with the gratitude, the retired said that they would support, push and concern about the college work as usual.

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