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The Students from Department of Finance and Economic Won a Series of Prizes in Accounting Vocational Skills Competition of Guizhou in 2018

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On March 24th, the accounting vocational skills competition was held in Guizhou Industry Technical College. There are 23 colleges take part in this contest. With the spirit of hardworking and teamwork, after six hours of struggling, our college students won the first prize in team contest of accounting skills as the first place, won the first prize in banking comprehensive skills contest as the second place and won the third prize in the internet plus international trade comprehensive skills as the forth place.

This competition was hosted by Guizhou Provincial Department of Education, which aims to promote the reform of Guizhou’s higher vocational education, to broadcast the precious spirit of loving labor and to improve students’ practical and innovative ability.

Under the support of college administrators and directors of department of finance and economic, the students and guiding teachers prepared for this competition 6 months ago. The result that they made in this competition shows our college’s achievement in training qualified students. What’s more, the competition promotes the reform and innovation of practical teaching and teaching approach, which accelerates the development of our college.

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