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The Campus Three on Three Basketball Games Ended Successfully

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On the afternoon of April 15th, with the final whistle, the The Campus Three on Three Basketball Games came to an end. The basketball game is well-prepared and organized carefully, which shows the healthy and optimistic sports spirit of friendship first and competition second.

The basketball game is held by College Youth League Committee and presented by Basketball Club, which aims to enrich students’ after-class cultural life, strengthen students’ physical exercise awareness, improve their basketball skills and physical quality. What’s more, it will enliven the campus atmosphere and develop students’ spirit of enterprise. There are 12 teams from 10 departments in the court and the game is divided in to man group and woman group.

During the competition, showing youth and enthusiasm, players fight competitors to win on the court and they encourage and learn from each other off the court. After three-days competition, the team from Department of Architectural Engineering won the first place. The second place and third place goes to Department of Biotic Environment and Department of Medical Technology. The girls also showed their powers in the games by excellent performance. The Department of Finance and Economics, the Department of Biotic Environment and the Department of Nursing ranked in the top three.

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